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The Jewish Custom of Sitting Shiva after a Death

A month ago, I was approached by the founder of the requesting a link to her website. I researched the site and sent it to my rabbi and agency President. After careful consideration, we decided to link to the site.The Jewish Pavilion operates like a Jewish Nursing Home on wheels. Since Orlando does not have a Jewish Home for the Aged, our non profit brings the Jewish community to residents in over 40 independent, assisted and skilled nurisng facilities. We visit weekly and provide Shabbat sevices, holiday celebrations and intergenerational activities for residents of all faiths. Unfortuantely, we experience a number of deaths each month and family members ask us questions about Jewish death practices. I feel that Shiva Connect will be able to answer some of their questions.

Mourners can create a Shiva Registry to:

  • Announce the loss of a loved one
  • Inform friends & family of memorial service/funeral arrangements
  • Detail where, when and who is sitting Shiva
  • Order deli platters & Shiva food online
  • View/Post ”food notes” eliminating confusion and the concern “will there be enough food?”
  • List Memorial Donation preferences
  • Post Eulogies

With a Shiva Registry friends & family can:

  • Learn of the loss of your loved one
  • Send an email message of condolence
  • Receive detailed information about the memorial service/funeral including directions
  • Learn where, when, & who is sitting Shiva
  • View a listing of food already expected, to better know what is needed, where & when
  • Order deli platters, Shiva food, gift baskets or comfort gifts
  • Make charitable donations

Submitted by Nancy Ludin, Executive Director of the Jewish Pavilion

We like to see seniors smile! We are always seeking support so that we can continue to operate the Pavilion and make seniors smile next year too.