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Accepting Your Parents As they Age; How Best to Get Along

By Nancy Ludin,

Executive Director of the Jewish Pavilion

When relating to your loved ones as they age, it is important to go on the journey with them. Family members tend to focus on the correctness of their parents comments rather than just accepting  their dialogue.  By listening to what your elders say, without judging the content, you can converse easily. Too much correction of the conversation will stifle the dialogue. Does it really matter what year a vacation took place of did it even take place? What is meaningful is that the two of you are conversing. Accuracy is far less important than connecting emotionally.

When your loved one tells you that he or she cannot remember someone, accept what is said and do not try to force the individual  to remember something that is no longer in his or her  memory bank. You can talk to your mother about her cousin as if it is new information. By offering acceptance and companionship  you are showing deference and love.