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When all the Caregiving Falls on Your Shoulders

By Nancy Ludin In most families, the role of primary caregiver falls upon the daughter.  When there are multiple daughters, care-giving tends to fall upon the daughter who is local or the eldest daughter.  For those of us who are lucky enough to have siblings, it is essential that the role is shared.  Care-giving is time consuming, exhausting and expensive.  Moreover, it can deplete ones energy and exuberance for life and lead to depression.

When tasks are divided amongst siblings, the primary caregiver is less likely to feel used or overwhelmed,  I suggest that siblings divide the work befitting their skills and personality traits.  One can oversee daily life while another oversees finances and another deals with medical issues.  If a parent is living with one sibling, it is important that the other siblings share in the care by taking over the job while the primary caregiver goes on vacation.

It is also best for the siblings to provide emotional support for the custodial care-giver.  Even when they do not agree with all decisions made, they need to show their respect and support.