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New Year’s Resolutions by Nancy Ludin

Arthur Nancy Harriet Photo for New Years Blog

It is that time of year again when we make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us will try to lose a few pounds and enhance our family connections. While these are excellent goals, why not add something new to the mix.

In Central Florida, thousands of seniors live in institutional settings, and they are alone most of the time. Why not brighten their days with a weekly visit? When you visit an elderly person in long-term care, it is as if you have brought the Florida sunshine indoors. If you are looking for a special activity to do with your child or grandchild, please consider being a Jewish Pavilion volunteer.

At holiday time, many people go out of their way to be extra thoughtful. They engage in gift-giving, food preparation and visits to the needy. Let’s try to be compassionate year- round. Call 407-678-9363 or visit to volunteer.