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Dear Julie: Belated thanks, from the residents here and myself, for all the years & months you have come here to entertain us elders & to dispel the often depression that occurs. Your extra mile; as director; networking; planning & bring to fruition the wonderful end results. I personally admire your leadership and wonderful teamwork. Truly you are all dedicated to lose time ( our modern commodity) to give us here. This is especially true as there are only two of us practicing Jews here. The Talmud expresses forcefully “The Jews care for all who are in need- non-Jews as well as Jews”. You and the Jewish Pavilion believe in this dogma, but more assuredly put it into practice. Thanks again-Bill

Dear Jane: “Rabbi Neely and I were glad to have you come speak with our teens at the Meitin Alliance for Growth And Learning (MAGAL) concerning the one-on-one programs you are doing. Teens can learn so much about Jewish values and human compassion by talking and learning from seniors. I appreciate the time and energy you have spent getting the program going, and I hope that our students who signed up with you will be able to begin this coming fall. Thanks again. Sincerely, CKS Co-Director, MAGAL  Temple Shir Shalom

“Many thanks for your card of sympathy for my husband, Norman. He looked forward to your Shabbat services & especially his part in singing. We really appreciate your services to our Jewish community at Brookdale, it means so much”- M. S. & Family

“Your consistent support of seniors has such a positive impact in this area. We are thankful for all you and your team do every day. You’re a true gem and cherished by us”.- Kim, Mary Jo & Brittin at Brookdale Island Lake

Your kind expression of sympathy was deeply appreciated and is gratefully acknowledged by the family of Sylvia Ruth Paccione. Nancy, Thank you for your warm note of sympathy. We all have comfort in knowing my mom had a full and happy life and we thank the Jewish Pavilion for being a part of it. My best always., P. E.

“Thank you for putting on such a great event at my community for the residents, and the community at large as well. I love seeing smiles and pictures that you shared!” M. J. P. – Executive Director Brookdale Lake Orienta

Thank you so very much for the wonderful Purim Spiel last month, including all of the goodies! We are truly looking forward to the Seder on the 18th, and appreciate so much all you do for our residents.  You and Ruth are, indeed, a special part of our Brookdale Tuskawilla Family! Blessings to you, your family, and to all of The Jewish Pavilion during Paassover.-Brookdale Tuskawilla

“Thank you, Emily. I can tell you my father really enjoyed the hanukkah gathering and especially seeing the presence of you and the Jewish Pavillion, as the adjustment to the new place has been hard in saying goodbye to the ‘family’ at his last home and creating new relationships at the new place.  It is lovely to see my mom’s smile here.”

“Thank you for your services.” R. S. K.

“Thank you Gloria, you and the Jewish Pavilion have truley been a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for visiting Judith and playing the piano the other day.” B. D. Clare Bridge Assistant

“I was reading an article about the Jewish Pavilion in the Heritage. I was truly touched. I went to your website and found out about your Bloomingdales Fashion Show. I said to myself “I need to get out more”!” I am 69 years old, Jewish , suffer from chronic depression my whole life (T.M.I.)  Forgot to say I live alone, anyway, reserve a seat for me. God Bless” – M.

“I am grateful for the descriptive visuals and stories you related to me and your support in thinking through how best to situate my mother. Your generosity with your time and knowledge and your compassion truly helped me make educated decisions. I will be moving my mom, Elaine Berkson, into Oakmonte Independant Living on 21 August. I am sure that she will be interested in the activities you bring; you may want to meet her  one day because she is the type of person who likes to help develop cultural programs. I hope I will have the opportunityto meet you during one of my trips to Orlando to visit my mom. In the meantime, Thank you VERY much for  your gracious assistance!”

“We are proud to be apart of a great cause. Thanks, ken”  K. V., NHA    Executive Director   The Parks Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

“It is our pleasure to have you come to our community to make a difference in the lives of our residents.” A. S.- Director of Volunteer Services Westminster Towers

“It has been our pleasure in the past, and will hopefully continue in the future,  to celebrate the High Holidays with you and our residents.  Thank you so much for all you do in providing our residents with this connection to their beliefs and traditions!     L.” Executive Director Westminster Towers

“Thank you so very much for remembering my mother- not only in her death, but in her life. She so much looked forward to the many programs you provided. the Shabbat services, the musical programs, the ice cream and especially the human touch. I know, more than any other organization in Orlando, you brought her joy in the winter of her life. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Love E.”

” I so appreciate all of your efforts to get me into Village on the Green. My time here will definitely make recovery much better. From both Larry & myself, thank you so much. Best wishes P. L.”

“I cannot thank your organization enough for your visits when my Mother was ill in the hospital and then the SNF. I’m very thankful for what you do and I know my Mom loved the visits.”—HG

“As always I enjoyed helping, it’s always so nice to be able to make people smile, sing and have a good time”—SM

“Ty so much for bringing a little sun shine to mom.  She thrives on visits especially with some music and Jewishness.  It is so difficult being so far away. Please know how much we appreciate your visiting mom.  Ty again.”– S. K.

The Jewish Pavilion provided beautiful services that were held at Oakmonte Village for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur. They provide the “old feeling” of being with family. They brought back many good memories. Hopefully, we’ll have “next year at Oakmonte”. Many thanks for the wonderful work Jewish Pavilion Provides. B. R.

Health Central Park Taste Event – It was our pleasure. The residents really enjoyed it. One resident told me how it brought back great memories of her and her dad going to the Jewish deli when she was little.  E.S.

I find that my dad enjoys the events you have whether I’m present or not, and I’m thrilled that these events take place.  They are a lovely way of keeping him connected to the heritage that has always been the center of his life. R.W.

Dear Nancy:

I first want to thank you for your very kind words (and the photo) about my dear mother. I so appreciate it. She was truly a force of nature – and she touched more people than I ever realized. And indeed – you were incredibly lucky to have known her before the ravages of Alzheimers detoured the course of her life, but she was a fighter – and even at the end, she was still in there trying to bust out.

I visited your Facebook page recently and I have to tell you – the work the Pavilion does in the Central Florida community with our Jewish senior citizens is nothing short of extraordinary. Important work, loving work, enriching work – a gift that bonds generations together and reminds everyone how the strength of faith and community can make an emotional and life-altering difference. I applaud you – and all those volunteers who serve.

And to see all the images on your page of so many in the community I came to know through my mother; to recognize so many smiles of those who crossed our paths gave me pause to realize what an extended family truly meant.

One day in the near future, I will make it my business to contribute to your efforts. But right now – it’s impossible. I’m simply not ready. It’s simply too soon. As an only child, I’m processing my mother’s passing on so many different levels – and doing it, really, without out any help – that to add yet another thing to think about right now will not work for me. I do hope you can appreciate that.

With that said, your phrase “a lasting tribute” intrigues me. My mother deserves recognition for her many contributions to the Central Florida Jewish community. To permanently create a legacy for her would be a joyful remembrance for someone who meant so much to so many – and something she never would have expected. Any additional information or insight you can provide me with would be incredibly helpful – i.e., other ways a “lasting tribute” could be created – and I will keep it close at hand, so when the time is right, I can move ahead – and make a decision.

Again, I applaud your efforts – and my gratitude for the time you and your staff took to remind my mother of her heartfelt heritage will always burn bright.

My very best – J.H. 


Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful event for our residents this recent Passover. The food you provided and your time and attention to the event in general was extremely thoughtful. I am sorry I was stuck on the phone with a conference call and could not thank you properly while you were here.

Again, thank you for thinking of us on this special day.” J. J., Regents Park of Winter Park

Thank you for everything the Jewish Pavilion does!  Emily Newman has been so helpful to my family with the care of my mom.  Thank you, J.  & D. Z.

Rabbi Adler’s 95th birthday celebration was very touching and memorable for all of us fortunate enough to celebrate with him!  It would not have happened without the leadership and organization of Gloria, and the Jewish Pavilion, so kudos to you all for being such an important part of so many lives! B.

“I wanted to thank you for a lovely party.  I haven’t seen my mother that alert and smiling in a long time!  I think it was the spark that she needed to get her out of her room and hopefully begin to participate.” CR

“Thank you so much for coming out and doing the Purim Party. The residents really enjoyed it and I must say I did too. Had a lot of education on what Purim is and we all appreciate it! Looking forward to Seder with you. Thanks so much for all you do for our residents!” E. D.,  ADC

“I admire all the good deed that are done for our elderly. It is a credit to our religion.” RM

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts in making such a fabulous party for my Dad.  I know he enjoyed seeing his friends, eating goodies and hearing the children sing.  It is so heartwarming to know how he is cared for! He’ll also enjoy using the new “throw” as he lounges in the TV room.  Wishing you a happy New Year! – R.W.

We all thank you for your continued good work with the Senior Jewish Community here in the Orlando/Seminole County area and all that the volunteers do at The Jewish Pavilion. – R.E. & M. & M.S.

I wanted to thank you for a lovely party.  I haven’t seen my mother that alert and smiling in a long time!  I think it was the spark that she needed to get her out of her room and hopefully begin to participate.  Many thanks to you and the the volunteers for all that you do. – C.R.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Rosh Hashanah program that Judy Procell organized at Winter Park Health & Rehab.  There were beautiful table decorations, music by an entire family that she invited to play the Shofar.  The apples, honey, honey cake, Challah bread, and grape juice were set for each resident on beautifully decorated place settings.  Each resident also received a small token gift to commemorate the day.  The program was moving and reflective with music, poems and prayer.  Judy did such a great job and I think the residents are so fortunate to have her assigned to their communities.  Sincerely, – V.C.

Thank you so very much for remembering my mother – not only in her death – but in her life!  She so much looked forward to the many programs you provided – the Shabbat services, the musical programs, the ice cream socials,  and especially the human touch.  I know – more than any other organization in Orlando – you brought her joy in the winter of her life.  I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. – E. G.

I so appreciate all of your efforts to get me into Village on the Green.  My time here will definitely make recovery much better.  From both of us, thank you so much. – P.L.

I am grateful for the descriptive visuals and stories you related to me and your support in thinking through how best to situate my mother.  Your generosity with your time, and knowledge and your compassion, truly helped me make educated decisions.  Thank you VERY much for your gracious assistance! -C. B-R.

The Jewish Pavilion has truly been a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for visiting and playing the piano the other day. – B.D.

The Jewish volunteers from the Jewish Pavilion are an asset to my community.  They come every Monday for an ice cream social and old song sing-a-longs!  They all get along great with us. – A.L.

I can’t tell you how special last Monday was for our residents at Ivy Court.  Emma was a ray of sunshine in their lives from passing out the instruments to sitting and mingling with our seniors.  If there is anyway to have you come on a regular basis that would be a blessing.  Gloria’s piano playing was amazing and filled our house with so much love and happiness.  Thanks to Dave for the photos and his support and encouragement. – B.D.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization for the time you take to visit my mom at Lake Bennett.  She was very excited about the Rosh Hashanah celebration this year.  I have learned over the past years that she has been there that there are so many dear people that are put in the position of not being able to care for themselves, and children that cannot care for them at home.  It takes so little to make them happy.  The one thing they really value is time, we as children, grandchildren, family or friends need not give much, just our time.  Your doing that I know is wonderful for so many.  Thank you again.  D.M.

Many thanks for yet another wonderful program! Yesterday’s Seder Feast and Passover observance were wonderful, and provided an enriching experience for all of the residents who attended.  Your organization and attention to detail are reflected in a well thought out program, and we are extremely grateful for the time you take to prepare for these special observances. Thanks again, and may your Passover be a blessed one for you and your family! D. L. Resident Programs Coordinator –  Brookdale Tuskawilla (# 24172

Dear Judy~Thank you so much, and thanks again for all you do to enlighten and enrich our residents’ lives! We appreciate you and cherish our relationship with The Jewish Pavilion! May you and yours have a blessed Passover.-D. L. Resident Programs Coordinator  Brookdale Tuskawilla (# 24172)

I am so thankful for the Jewish Pavilion and am very pleased that our community has been a sponsor for them for many years.  The Jewish Pavilion provides my community with an enormous amount of support for our Jewish residents including Shabbat services, Yiddish groups, as well as other entertainment and programs.  They also support our dining and activity program to ensure that we are sensitive to the needs of our Jewish residents.  With the support of the Jewish Pavillion we have become one of the largest providers of Senior Care to the Central Florida Jewish population.  J. S. Executive Director   Brookdale Island Lake (BU 00749)

“We love Nancy and her team at The Jewish Pavilion! They have been serving the ongoing needs of our residents, since our opening, over seven years ago! Always responsive and professional with a smile! They have a true passion for what they do!”
 Warm regards,
 M. S.    Sales and Marketing Director,Oakmonte Village at Lake Mary

As a sponsor and volunteer of the Jewish Pavilion, I am fortunate to see the good work, programs and smiles the Pavilion brings to the residents in assisted living facilities.  I also see how dedicated the board members, volunteers and Help Desk are to the senior community the serve.  It has been a great pleasure and very rewarding to be a part of this organization!  M. C. E., Director,  Griswold Home Care