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Planned Gifts

Planned giving ensures that our elders will always remain connected to the Jewish community as they transition to long-term care. As our population ages, an increasing number of seniors will be alone in the world and in need of the companionship provided by The Jewish Pavilion. Endowments protect the future of The Jewish Pavilion. Planned gifts to The Jewish Pavilion ensures that our seniors will continue to have the heart of The Jewish Pavilion make their elder years a little brighter.

Gifts to The Jewish Pavilion can be cash, securities, real estate, retirement plans, life insurance proceeds, or other assets. Your gift can be an immediate gift to The Jewish Pavilion or deferred until a later time such as upon your death. Depending on your gifting strategy, your gift plan can provide you income tax benefits and estate tax relief. In all cases, your generous gift to The Jewish Pavilion will benefit our seniors.

Endow The Jewish Pavilion in Your Will or Trust

Through a charitable bequest in your last will and testament or living trust, you can ensure that The Jewish Pavilion will keep enriching the lives of our elders in the community. The impact of this one-time gift can continue the mission of The Jewish Pavilion while having little or no current financial effect on you. The Jewish Pavilion provides lifetime recognition to donors who include The Jewish Pavilion in their estate plan. Tell us that your plan is in place and we will recognize you as a donor.

Name The Jewish Pavilion as A Designated Beneficiary

Naming The Jewish Pavilion to receive part or all of your appreciated securities, retirement plans, or insurance policies provides The Jewish Pavilion with immediate access to assets upon your death without probate and may provide your estate and loved ones with some tax benefits. Contact the financial institution or insurance company managing your assets about procedures to designate The Jewish Pavilion to receive some or all of these assets.

Transfer a Gift to a Charitable Gift Annuity

By investing a one-time contribution of cash, securities, or property to a charitable gift annuity, you and/or your loved ones can receive income during your lifetime while you receive immediate tax benefits. Upon your death, your gift continues to help The Jewish Pavilion’s mission for future generations. Because the gift is irrevocable, The Jewish Pavilion maintains control of the gift and is responsible for paying the income to you during your lifetime. This gift can help you save on income taxes and reduce or eliminate estate tax liability and probate expenses.

Transfer a Gift to a Charitable Remainder Trust

By transferring assets into a charitable remainder trust, you and loved ones can receive income from the trust during your lifetime and your loved ones’ lifetimes, and upon the death of all beneficiaries, The Jewish Pavilion will receive the assets remaining in the trust to continue its mission to enrich the lives of elders. The trust can be established by a one-time contribution held in an annuity with fixed payments to you, or can allow for additional contributions to the trust with variable payments to you.

Transfer a Gift to a Charitable Lead Trust

By transferring assets into a charitable lead trust, all or a portion of the income produced by the trust assets will provide immediate income to The Jewish Pavilion to carry out its mission to help community seniors. After a fixed period of time or upon your death, the assets in the trust will be distributed to your loved ones or designated beneficiaries.

Matching Gifts: Double Your Donation

Some companies offer matching gifts programs when employees give a donation to charity. Such a program can double your donation to The Jewish Pavilion. If you and your employer give matching gifts, The Jewish Pavilion will recognize you at the donor level as if you gave both gifts. In order to procure the matching funds, you should submit the company’s matching gifts forms to the company’s human resource or benefits department.

Planned Giving to The Jewish Pavilion

Planned giving strikes a balance between addressing your financial needs and enabling you to leave a powerful legacy at The Jewish Pavilion. With proper planning and creativity, your assets can be used to maximize your personal benefits, and provide for the future of The Jewish Pavilion.

Your generous giving plan will have a huge impact on our seniors, leave a lasting mark on The Jewish Pavilion, and help us to ensure that no one is forgotten. Your gift will help us fulfill our mission to enhance the quality of life of our elders and their families in long-term care, and strengthen their connection to the community.

The design of your gift will help determine its benefits to you and to The Jewish Pavilion. We recommend that you discuss your planned giving to The Jewish Pavilion with your trusted financial and legal advisor. If you need help to find a professional to counsel you on planned giving, call Nancy Ludin, Executive Director of The Jewish Pavilion, at 407-678-9369 and she will help you find the right financial planner, tax advisor, or attorney for you who can tailor a plan to fit your goals and help The Jewish Pavilion.

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