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Connect to Elders – 10 Ideas

The Jewish Pavilion staff and volunteers operate like a nursing home on wheels bringing the Jewish community to seniors in long term care. We provide one-on-one visitation as well as holiday and social programs for people of all faiths.

Ideas for Connecting with Seniors…

  1. Read religious or inspirational articles, magazines or books.
  2. Read letters from family and friends.
  3. Bring messages from family and friends recorded on cassette tape.
  4. Bring a video taped greeting from family and friends.
  5. Help your older adult write or type letters or send greeting cards.
  6. Find a pen pal and help your older adult correspond with this new friend.
  7. Create a poster or mobile from pictures cut from magazines.
  8. Bring items related to the season or upcoming holiday to enjoy and talk about.
  9. Have an indoor picnic with your older adult’s favorite picnic food.
  10. Enjoy a cup of a favorite beverage that you’ve brought along in your thermos.

From Nancy Ludin, Executive Director, Jewish Pavilion