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Ten Things To Do While Visiting an Older Adult

  1. Talk about what you both have been up to since your last visit together.
  2. Bring photos of family and friends-from days gone by or some recent snapshots.
  3. Create a photo album, framed photograph collection or poster to hang up.
  4. Make a special scrapbook celebrating your older adult’s lifetime.
  5. Write or tape your older adult’s memoirs or autobiography… Provide copies to the family.
  6. Share your own favorite stories and memories.
  7. Bring vacation photos, souvenirs, maps and stories of your travels.
  8. Read aloud from newspapers and magazines to help your older adult stay in touch.
  9. Look at magazines that have a lot of large colorful pictures together.
  10. Subscribe to your older adult’s hometown newspaper and bring it along.

From Nancy Ludin, Executive Director