Choose Joy!

One of the best “sermons” I ever heard had to do with joy. It is easy during this time of year to see and feel joy in our hearts, and on the faces of people around us. Why do we only notice this during the holidays? Why do people only show it during the holidays? Well, we may feel it all year – or we hope to – but we don’t always notice it. Perhaps, the fact that it is a societal movement for the “holiday spirit” to be recognized helps, but why only during December? We have the ability to choose joy. We can make a conscious decision all year long to practice the art of kindness. We can do considerate and charitable things for others. We can change a life, or many lives. We can volunteer, par

What do holidays really mean to you?

Holidays mean different things to different people. To many, they are about religious observances. To others they are about family. To some they are about the food or the presents. What holidays mean to different people depends on three things: 1) What they grew up with 2) What their current circumstances and beliefs are 3) Who they have to spend holidays with. Growing up is when our ideas and ideals are formed. The things we do as children last a lifetime. There are numerous studies that show that people who can't remember what they had for breakfast, can remember every word to the songs they learned as children. We each remember holidays differently. Did you spend them in synagogue (or ch

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