I have the opportunity to speak with a lot of people. Many of them are seniors in elder-care facilities. I love the opportunity to learn, and am often privileged to be able to start a conversation among a small group. I have several questions for just this kind of an opportunity. I have received a wealth of information and insight by asking some of them. It is one of the ways I get more than I give. One of the questions I love to ask is, “When you see your self in your mind, not when you look in the mirror, but in your actual mind, how old are you and where were you in your life at that time”. It's interesting to look at the different type of responses I have heard. Most women seem to choose

All good things....

When I began writing this blog, I thought about all of the things I could be writing about right now; COVID-19, riots, people being sick and not being able to see each other, people not being able to have or attend funerals. There are so many things I'm concerned about, and I guess you are as well. That being said, I'd like to change the subject. I'd like to talk about some of the things I'm really happy about right now. We are learning. Both academically and emotionally, we are learning. Technology has opened unending doors. There are hundreds of thousands of things available on the internet. Things many of us never even imagined. You can take a 3D stroll through the Louvre, The Guggenheim,

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