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Do You Need Home Care?

By Anthony Ford Partners in Healthcare

Be honest—Have any of these things happened to you recently:

  • A fall

  • A vehicle accident

  • A large medical event

  • Missed meals

  • Dehydration or not drinking enough water (possibly as a way to avoid having to use the bathroom)

  • A toilet accident

  • Avoiding tasks that were once easy because they are now too difficult

  • Forgotten or mixed up your medications

  • A loved one expressing concern about you being alone

  • Feeling overwhelmed with caring for yourself or another person

If any of these issues sound familiar, it might be time to consider home care.

Very few people actively want home care. However, 90% of seniors will need some sort of care during their lives. There is no shame in having home care. We go to a financial advisor for help with managing money and we go to a lawyer for legal help. If you need a bit of help to live a high-quality life, why not get home care?


Home care is not a one-and-done solution like moving to an assisted living facility. It is not an institution; it doesn’t mean a large change in your lifestyle. Home care can range from a few hours a week up to 24/7, depending on your individual needs. The average client has about 20 hours per week. It can be scaled to your needs with hours to suit your schedule.

Home care helps you have a high-quality lifestyle. It helps you stay at home. It can extend your independence and reduce your dependence on neighbors and family. It is a great way to help avoid falls, manage medication and ensure proper nutrition and meals. Since problems with those things can mean extended hospital stays, rehabilitation and other issues, prevention and assistance is important. Home care offers both of those things.

Whenever I first met a potential client, they are skeptical at first, not sure they want/need home care. After a few weeks, I almost always hear “Why didn’t I start this sooner.”

If you think you might need some help, I urge you to give it a go. Experience how it will make your life easier. What have you got to lose? At Partners in Healthcare, you can cancel at any time.

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