• Penny Goldstein - CFO/Managing Director

Happily Ever After

When is happily ever after? In the movies, happily ever after comes when the princess and the prince get married and ride off on their horse into the enchantment. Each of us probably has our own happily ever after.

In these crazy times, I have gotten to the point where every day we get through should be a happily ever after. I try to look at my days and see the positives, and believe that I am living my happily ever after. I mean, I have built up to being who I am every day, so when does happily ever after begin? Today!

Last week was a banner week for me. I truly love what I do. I actually have 4 part-time jobs. I do Karaoke and sometimes trivia at the VFW. My brother used to do it, and it was bequeathed to me, and the people there are family. I own a financial services company and one of the things we do is taxes – it's tax season by the way. I am the CEO and Executive Director of, a non-profit, online, Synagogue and Jewish Learning Center, and of course, I am the CFO and Managing Director of The Jewish Pavilion. I truly love all of my jobs, but The Jewish Pavilion gave me most of my happily ever afters last week.

Nancy Ludin, The Jewish Pavilion's CEO and Executive Director and I have worked together very successfully for many years now. She is the best at what she does. We are at a point where, “we've got this!”. Last week we managed two MAJOR fundraisers within 4 days of each other. It was an outstanding achievement for all who were involved. We reached over 300 donors and reached a big chunk of our annual goal. Each person involved makes a difference and allows us to continue our mission of enriching the lives of residents of elder-care communities in Central Florida.

You can read the articles in our newsletter and connect to the information on this website. There are some great photos, and more being added the week of May 10. Both events were incredible successes (and I just don't possibly have enough space to name all of the incredible people that made them happen, the chairs, the sponsors, the venues we partnered with, the volunteers, the committees, and the participants).

Our fashion show sold out 3 times, and we had to keep adding to the layout. That was before all of the invitations had even been received. There were no major incidents and everyone seemed to have a fabulous time. The models were gorgeous, and we spent almost 30% more at Dillard's Altamonte Mall then we did last year (which means a lovely bit of extra change donated to the pavilion). People must have been happy, and that was Thursday's happily ever after.

On Sunday, we had our golf tournament. Again, it went incredibly smoothly (thanks to SO many), and we have heard nothing but raves. We loved playing with the PRO PLAYERS, and they absolutely loved being there. I was approached by many of them who stated that the tournament was one of the best they had been to, and please count them in for next year. Everyone was so happy. That was my happily ever after on Sunday.

There were others too, but inevitably most of my happily ever afters come from seeing others – my family, my friends, the people at the VFW, my donors, my congregants, my clients, and especially my seniors – happy. It's even better knowing my hard work led them to that. It's one of the reasons I started volunteering so very many years ago at The Jewish Pavilion, and why each year more and more of my time is spent there. What causes your happily ever after? Your friends, your family, your work? Like me, you can make a decision to start your happily ever after. It's not important if it's forever, it's important that it's now.

Knowing some of your are smiling right now will be today's happily ever after!

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