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Sponsor Spotlight: Arosa

Arosa is the nation’s largest integrated provider of care management and home care

services in the United States. Our roots were planted over 20 years ago with the

founding of LivHOME in California and Nurse Care of North Carolina in the late 1990s.

In 2018, these organizations joined forces to further elevate care for seniors, forming

the foundation of Arosa.

Arosa aims to achieve the mission of attracting, training, retaining and treasuring the

best care professionals in Orlando. Through this we create superior models of care that

serve the greatest number of clients. Our promise is to elevate the experience of our

teammates, our clients and their loved ones through our integrated care management

and home care services. 

Arosa began serving Orlando as The Cameron Group in 1999. In late 2019, The Cameron Group became Arosa and continues to provide the level of care and compassion that seniors deserve and should expect. It is because of our commitment to our teammates and clients that Arosa Orlando was recently named the 2022 Employer and Provider of Choice for Home Care and Care Management by Home Care Pulse.

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