• Penny Goldstein - CFO/Managing Director

Using screens to achieve your goals!

I think you can probably tell a lot from a person by what is on the home screen of their computer, phone, or laptop. For the last two years, I have had the generic backdrop of a scuba diver in water. I think I though the water would be relaxing to look at. Perhaps it was. As I realized my need to connect more during these crazy days, I suddenly thought about changing my background. Amazing how many people have the preloaded computer logos on their screen. It's the first think that techies change. It's a change for the better no matter what. There is power in that screen. It is looked at more often than many other things and there is a subliminal message in it. Some people have pictures of themselves. Some have pictures with themselves and a loved one. Some have pictures of just loved ones, often those who have passed. Some animals, some scenery, some affirmations. All are valid and express much about an individual. What does yours say about you?

Those “they” people say that visualizing a goal is impactful in reaching it. I believe that has merit. I think that reinforcement of beliefs, values, love, and positivity have tremendous benefit. The more involved we are with an idea, a goal, or a project, the more we focus on it. If we put our energies into attaining a positive goal, we usually achieve it. Using visualization to increase that focus can't be a bad thing. What a great opportunity we then have to use our screens to help!

Our goal may not be as cut and dry as it would seem. It may be more of an abstract idea, such as “being closer to my grandchildren” by looking at pictures of them. It may be motivating, such as making it easier to lose weight by looking at a outfit we desire, or a picture of ourselves at a thinner time. It may be something to make you smile. I used to have words run across the picture of my parents on their home computer that read, ”Smile....somebody loves you”. My mother loved that. (As a matter of fact, I really need to do that to her new computer....hmm). It may be a written affirmation....”In case no one told you today; you're beautiful, you're loved, you're needed, you're alive for a reason, you're stronger than you think, you're going to get through all this, don't give up!!”. You choose what works for you. One of my home screens reads, "don't dream it, be it".

Perhaps, as this new year began, you took a moment to set goals for things to come. We are looking at our technology more and more. Use it as a way to achieve that goal. Find something that makes you positive and focused or allows you to reach a goal. (Not to mention how great it is to stop for a moment and look at all your old pictures - Bonus!) At the Jewish Pavilion, I have changed our home screen to show the faces of the residents we visit in elder-care communities. Our goal is to be able to get back into the buildings that house them, and to get back to the hugs, smiles and love that make our relationships with them so valued and the work we continue to do so important. Although we have been working hard to stay connected, it's been difficult. We couldn't have done it with out all of you. Seeing their smiling faces make me smile as well, and the positive impact we make is constantly reinforced. I instantly remember how connected our community is.

Go put something wonderful on your display. On a computer, when you are on that original page, right click with your mouse. The bottom of the box will say “personalize”. Your background will come up and you can choose a picture. On a phone, you can ask your voice assistant to change it for you. If you're stuck, ask a grandchild, but make sure you pay attention to what they do, or you may never be able to change the picture of only them that they chose. Be positive. Achieve your goals. Stay connected. Smile!

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